What is the green building cluster ?

It is a network gathering various experts:

- architects and infrared thermography and electromagnetic pollution specialists.

- builders (public and private buildings, houses, …) and companies active in the green renovation sector,

- manufacturers, green building materials suppliers (insulation material, paints, coatings, …) and green electricians,

- research departments and companies active in the field of renewable energy : heat pumps, windmills, solar water heater, wood boilers, hydraulics, …,

- project promoters and building contractors specialised in water treatment by lagooning, natural pools installation, rainwater treatment and recovery,

- information and promotion organisations (wood, natural materials, renewable energy...),

- research centres, colleges and universities,

What is green building ?

Green building consists in building while taking into consideration today's environment and the one of future generations while offering a maximum of comfort to the inhabitants.

This approach implies that one has to :

- identify the projects environmental impacts during their whole lifecycle,

- encourage urban and architectural decisions that will favour daylight, include bioclimatic principles, ensure a good thermal insulation of the whole building envelope while respecting the law in force,

- use low energy ‘ecological' or ‘natural' building materials during the manufacturing process, the transport and the actual use of these materials,

- use building techniques that will rely more on labour than high energy,

- favour renewable energy and/or low pollution combustors,

- favour ‘intelligent' equipments : “low consumption” lightning and electric household appliances, an efficient heating system with the right dimensions.

The cluster members committed themselves to respect a charter including the different above principles.

©The above picture comes from creation of the architect Claudy Mercenier, a cluster member.

©The small banner picture that shows an open-timbered gable has been designed by Michaël Bolle.

©The banner picture represents a solar panel installation coming from the website "".

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